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Care for the spanish patient book cover

Care for the Hispanic Patient: A Cross-Cultural Approach

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2-hour CE unit online course for licensed nurses and technicians vital for providers serving Latino communities. Improving health outcomes is easy when you’re culturally informed!

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Strategic Spanish Healthcare book cover

Strategic Spanish Series for Healthcare Professionals

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If your healthcare organization would like to be involved in developing a course for your specialization, please contact us!

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Insights into Hispanic Behavior for U.S. Law Enforcement book cover

Insights into Hispanic Behavior for U.S. Law Enforcement

A web-based training program that teaches non-bilingual officers strategies for interacting with Hispanics on the job. Upon successful completion, officers receive a certificate qualifying them for inservice CE credits.

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Strategic Spanish for Housekeeping Supervisors book cover

Strategic Spanish for Housekeeping Supervisors

Easy-to-learn Spanish language basic training certificate progam for managers who need to communicate instructions to their Spanish-speaking housekeeping staff. BONUS: Includes a cultural competency component.

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The First 15 Minutes book cover

The First Fifteen Minutes:

Courting Business in Latin America

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Courting business relationships in Latin America is a delicate dance.  Making a good first impression is the first step; maintaining a positive relationship is the ultimate goal.  Avoid making the mistakes that could cost you a contract.  Your hosts won’t tell you when you unknowingly offend!  Any one of the insights contained in this succinct, easy-to-read guide of cultural Do’s and Don’ts could help you close the deal.

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Deciphering the Latino Consumer book cover

Deciphering the Latino Consumer:

A Guide for Employers, Professionals, Retailers and Business Travelers

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Deciphering the Latino Consumer is a practical guide to improving working relationships between Anglos and Latinos.  It’s the perfect resource for U.S. professionals, retailers and social service workers dealing with Spanish-speaking customers, clients and employees in their offices, their shops and their jobs.

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    How to Safeguard Latino Patients Practicing Alternative Remedies

    by Lori Madden, Ph.D.

    patients herbal medicine alternative

    Studies reveal that 70% or more of recent immigrants from Latin America use herbal or other alternative remedies[1], but many of them do not self-disclose this information to their physicians.  You can imagine the potential risks of contraindications in treating these patients.  Why might Latin American immigrant patients interacting with the U.S. healthcare system not share this information with their doctors?


    A Blueprint for Hispanic Outreach

    by Lori Madden, PhD

    Farias 3 hispanic outreach officer

    William (Billy) Farias is not what one would call “diplomatic.”  He speaks his mind without reservation.  This is contrary to the indirect mode of communication that most Latin Americans use, so when the Clearwater, Florida police department chose him as the liaison officer to head their new Hispanic outreach initiative in 2000, he faced a challenge.


    Five Common Misconceptions about Hispanics in the U.S.

    by Lori Madden, PhD

    World Map of hispanics locations

    Does the number 569 million sound like a lot to you? This is the population of Latin America. How about the 46.9 million Hispanics living in the United States? Hispanics already comprise the largest U.S. minority. If you want to attract the increasing purchasing power of the Hispanic consumer, learn more about the culture. Here’s a good start.


    Simple Strategies for Hispanic-Friendly Advertising

    by Lori Madden, PhD

    Marketing To Hispanic Americans

    No one in business needs to be convinced of the benefits of tapping into U.S. Hispanic purchasing power. The U.S. Hispanic market is vast and will continue to increase over time. There are several trends in favor of businesses that cater to this segment of the market:


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